The Oxford Kilburn Youth Trust

A place of welcome for the families and young people of the South Kilburn area.

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Our Mission

The OK Club will work with young people and their families.  We will work with them to build character and capabilities, as they grow into active and engaged adults.  We will provide opportunities for young people to explore their spirituality and their place in the world, and build positive relationships they can rely on.

Our goal is to impact and positively shape the surrounding community through the provision of services and continual support.

What We Do.

Painting, Arts and Crafts.

We offer a number of creative activities for our young people to take part in.


From orienteering to gardening and exploring the great outdoors, our young people are offered a range of outdoor opportunities.


We approach our mission with a deep level or thought and compassion. We understand not everyone comes from the same background and aim to accomodate all.


We aim to help young people to develop Leadership skills which will help them in every area of their lives.


Most young people have tons of energy. At the Ok Club we offer a number of organised sports games and activities.


Learning how to work as a team. How to speak up about problems and find solutions. Understanding mental health and the different issues young people might face.

years operating in the Kilburn area.
Young people impacted.
different of activities every week.


We aim to communicate the impact of our work with our participants, supporters and stakeholders.

Follow the link below to see exactly how we are putting the resources we have available to work.

Our Partners