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Oxford Kilburn Youth Trust


living life to the full


45 Denmark Road,

Kilburn NW6 5BP



Director/Admin/info:  020 7624 6292

Connexions/Children’s work:  020 7372 6363 /

Fax:   020 7372 6598




The OK Club is the Headquarters of the Oxford Kilburn Youth Trust and is based within the area in and around South Kilburn, London, close to Queens Park Station.


We aim to encourage children and young people to

·        discover opportunities to unlock their potential

·        contribute positively to the wider community

·        develop meaning and structure for their lives.


We aim to enhance the personal, social and spiritual development of children and young people, and offer advice and support to parents & families to this end.


The OK Club was founded 50 years ago by students from Oxford University. It runs within a Christian framework, but it is NOT expected that those attending will themselves be Christian. Our Christian motivation is expressed by the phrase ‘living life to the full’.


The Oxford Kilburn Youth Trust is an independent charity. It includes one to one mentoring, Club-based, school-based and outreach work, partnership work with local authorities and local and national voluntary agencies, and accommodation for volunteers from around the world. We run a busy daily timetable of activities, clubs, and specialist skills sessions across a wide range of interests. We work with young people, at their own pace, to help them stay as healthy and safe as possible, develop positive relationships and attitudes, and gain in awareness and abilities and achievements, now and in the future. We offer information, support & advice on education, employment and training as part of the Connexions Service. We are funded mainly through private donations and independent trusts, and also by local authority grants, and through South Kilburn New Deal for Communities.




Garden, Stage, IT Room, Kitchen, Library, Meeting Rooms, Gym, Hall, Shower, Dark Room


The OK Club provides many opportunities and spaces for young people - and activities such as:

·        football, badminton, basketball, weight-training, self-defence, table-tennis, pool, & dance

·        art, photography, drama, music technology, rap, piano, drums, guitar & singing lessons

·        skills such as cookery, computers, writing, car electrics, manicuring & even gardening.


Most activities are currently free. Sometimes there is a small charge for equipment or a trip:

·        bowling, ice-rink, football match, coast, theme park, countryside, music or theatre event.


Our trips or events all include opportunities to take part in positive activities or discussions:

·        educational visits & group discussion on issues of relevance to children & young people

·        support for young people & parents on employment, health, behaviour & other issues

·        opportunities for personal & social development, or to explore issues of faith or opinion.


If there is something else you would like to do, just let us know – we may be able to arrange it!


Please do not hesitate to contact us on the numbers above for further information at any time.


Keith Lunn

Director: Oxford Kilburn Youth Trust